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The world of HIOORO brand - furniture created with a passion for art.


Hiooro is not just a brand; it is, above all, a Polish company founded by two individuals fascinated by design.


He - A designer who has always been in love with architecture and industrial design. His passion lies in furniture - the extraordinary ones, inspired by art, with beautiful and clean forms. Over the years, while working on hundreds of projects for various companies across different market segments, he has become a true master of craftsmanship.

She - A manager with extensive experience in sales and managing large enterprises. Her extensive knowledge of optimizing all company processes is an invaluable asset—an open-minded retailer who values quality and is receptive to new ideas.


Krzysztof Urbański and Monika Kieres - owners of the Hiooro brand. They met in a large corporation, from which they both left after many years, realizing that individual work fosters creative solutions. Driven by their passion for applied art and industrial design, they created their furniture brand. Furniture that captivates with its style.


The furniture is made from carefully selected materials, such as precious metals, high-quality steel, natural solid wood, glass, Italian marble, and quartz composites, characterized by various colors. It is through these materials, combined with modern technological solutions that the furniture acquires a luxurious and timeless character.


The hallmark of the brand is not only its unique style but also its jewelry-like quality. Hiooro employs minimalist forms, geometric shapes, and exquisite patterns. This furniture will appeal to art connoisseurs and those who appreciate the beauty of simplicity while seeking alternatives to classics and clichés.


The Hiooro brand created by Krzysztof and Monika showcases how exciting and inspiring Polish design can be.


"Details are not just details. They make our design unique."

Charles Eames


We invite you to the world of HIOORO brand!

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