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LUI - minimalism in function and form

LUI table

The LUI table is a unique piece of furniture that combines simplicity and timelessness with an unconventional, original design. Its slender legs, which can be made of black or stainless steel, are not only elegant but also offer the possibility of applying decorations, which adds elegance to them and brings out the table's beauty.

The top of the LUI table can be finished in solid wood or ceramic sinter, which gives it a refined character. The LUI table perfectly shows the design trends for this year. Monochromaticity, wood, ceramics, and metal use - you will find all this in the LUI table.

The LUI table is a proposal from the Hiooro brand for those who appreciate natural, classic materials in interior design. Beautiful in every inch, the LUI table is not only a functional piece of furniture but also a decorative element that attracts attention and emphasizes the owner's individual style.

Zucco ART Table

The ZUCCO ART table by Hiooro is based on a frame construction, with its base resembling a square frame made of round steel tubes painted in black, white, or gold. The tabletop is available in various finishing options, making it perfectly adaptable to various interior designs.


Multi-functional Beauty for Your Interior! Desk and Vanity in One! KOKO Furniture - Functionality and Elegance Combined! Perfect Desk and Stylish Vanity in Your Space.

Zucco ART Coffee Tables

Innovative design reflecting the latest trends in interior decoration. Unique materials ensuring durability and solidity. A variety of shapes

and colors to match the table to your unique style.

Zucco is more than just furniture - it's a way to express your

personality through your interior!


Dozens of frames available in various materials and colors. Several dozen ceramic tops, as well as veneered and wooden tops. A wide selection of sizes and shapes for the tabletops. Tables with extension function.


"The design must be extremely simple, which is why it's so complicated." - P. Rand

New Arrival: Bells Collection as a Desk

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